Custom Cabinet Installation

Frequently asked questions

Once we are done crafting your custom cabinets in our shop, we deliver them to your location with our company vans. If you are out of state, we can arrange a shipping company to handle the logistics. Shipping costs are included in the final price no matter your location.

Each job is unique. We have our contractor in Coos Bay complete local installation but if you’re very far away, then you will need to install or find a contractor. We can prepare estimates of the cost when creating the graphic rendering of your space.

We guarantee quality control on all our work. Your cabinets will be received just as you dreamed. We cannot be responsible for the work of contracted installers.
Depending on the contractor, installation can take as little as one or two days.

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It’s been our life’s work to create the best quality custom cabinets. We welcome you to learn more about the magic behind the curtain.